Custom Figures Topic (No Longer in Use)

The one on the left looks better in real life, and yes it is slightly shinier IRL. No, I will not explain how I added the wash so you all don’t get mad at me if you ruin your figures. I only added the wash to this guy because I have 3 of that figure.

Feel free to post your own customized figures*. Preferably in this topic so as to not clutter the message boards and give the Moderators a headache.

*Customized can mean anything from a painted figure to swapping around accessories to create a new Call of Duty Mega Construx figure. I will be posting a few custom characters on this topic later if other people start posting figures.


shattered glass rid prime

Unnamed ghost rider looking bike

Battle damaged movie jazz

Horror movie scorpionok

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Those are pretty cool.

0/10, still in one piece


Needs more Michael Bay

I actually did unscrew the waist so you can take two peices.

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Here is a custom Sandman from COD. The only modifications I made to official parts on this guy is gluing his rifle together with gorilla glue (the parts on COD Mega Bloks figures are surprisingly loose). If you guys notice the change in quality, it’s because I got a new camera. I love the thing. I’ma post a topic when summer rolls around of just random stuff I’m taking photos of (my cat, some mocs, some official sets, etc. . .).

Front View:

Back View (Yes I did get the walkie-talkie that he has in-game attached to his back):

Side View (The only interesting side is the one with the pistol, click picture for full view)

Action Pose (with my custom Grinch figure):