Custom Paint Job: Bulk 3.0 Wolf Visor

I got to toying around with some Gundam model paint markers, and one of my Lego Hero Factory pieces.
The pictures make the red look darker than it actually is.
It’s actually a shade somewhere between Mata Red and Metru Red, which will make it very difficult using it with other non-customized pieces…


It may not be an exact shade of either Metru or Mata red, but it’s still a pretty fine paint job. The red looks really good with Bulk’s helmet and I like that you retained some of the silver to emphasize certain details.


fantastic job! I suddenly want to see how it goes with inverted colors; black with red highlights, but still great job! Reminds me sorta of Darth Maul somehow and some other things

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Thanks dudes! I wasn’t even thinking of Maul when I painted this. lol

I do have a couple of spare ones of these lying around, I think I might see what I can do with them…if I can find them that is…

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This reminds me of Warhammer 40k, like a mix between a Blood Angel and a Space Wolf. You did a fantastic job, it looks really awesome. I can imagine runes on some parts, but of course, it’d be a pain to paint those, I think.

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It looks like mechagodzilla.

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