Custom part coloring help

I recently got Part Designer working, and made custom parts from the Bionicle Heroes weapon models. But I was wondering if it is possible to make them either have their game decorations part of the models on Studio 2.0 themselves or add glowing bits to the parts on Part Designer. Any help would be appreciated!
I will have images soon!

Also, how do you fix problems with Eyesight renderer saying that colors have been redefined, causing it to terminate the render?

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You can do that by adding custom decals in PartDesigner, or you could try “dual-molding” the part.

However, both of these options are fairly limited in scope; decals don’t work that great unless they’re on wide, smooth surfaces, and the dual-molding option is limited to shapes that you can cut away with PartDesigner’s rectangular eraser (unless you have additional 3d modelling software).

Could you provide a specific example of what you’re trying to do?

(I’m not sure what to do about the second issue, though, with Eyesight. I’ve never used custom colours)

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A possible solution would be dividing every weapon part into several parts. For example, to make the center line of Jaller’s sword orange, you can remove it out from the main sword part (hope that they are still separate shapes in your PartDesigner file) and export them both to Studio separately. Then, when working in Studio, you could use the 2 parts to reassemble the entire sword, but you’d retain the ability to paint them in different colors - Trans-Orange and Flat Silver for default game colors or even something entirely custom. It would also be simpler to make an unvisible connection in some place of both parts (pin etc.) for ease of assembling them in Studio.

I am not too knowledgeable in ways of Custom Colors though (what you described kinda-sorta-I-don’t-realy-know sounds like incorrect installation of them).

P.s. I am looking forward to seeing those parts, 'cause I love both Bionicle Heroes and MOCing with Studio.=)


Here they are, then!

I added connections for lightsaber blades to recreational the lights in the sets!

Also, I figured out what was causing the rendering errors in Eyesight. There’s a folder in Program Data that contains the backups of the color data. If you install custom colors, they may not be in this backup. Uninstalling Studio and reinstalling it will only fix Eyesight if this folder is deleted before the installation. Surprisingly, no one else has posted this solution before.


Out of context that sounds like an amazing way to describe colorblindness.

Im keeping it


Thank you! I didn’t think about my words in that respect, but you are welcome to use that!

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