Custom Robo

So here's a jem.
Way back when, I would often visit my cousins. And there it was that I was introduced to two of my favorite franchises: Pikmin and Custom Robo. For anyone who hasn't played any CR games, it's a futuristic RPG, where you collect parts to customize a small toy robot, which you use to fight other robots. I don't really hear too much talk about it around, so I'm hoping the company that develops it will make a new game. I mean, the last one was on the original DS, like... a whole console generation or two ago.

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OH MAH GOD YES! SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAS PLAYED THIS GAME. I love Custom Robo on the gamecube. I spent hours playing this game. Me and my brother still have the copy we own.

I haven't played the DS game though mostly because I had no idea it existed.

The DS game was just as good, only thing is the overworld looked more like Pokémon than the one in the GC version. But it was still gr8b8, m8. I r8 7.8/10