Custom Teridax

This is my custom Makuta Teridax :



I recommend combining all of the images in one post. I can do it for you, if you want.

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Oh that would be great, but how?

Looks great! It looks like it could even be passed off as a real set!

Excellent! Love those wings.

A bit of constructive criticism: the Bohrok eyes as fingers don't look that great IMO. I recommend replacing them with a robot arm/Viking horn combo.

I like them, but your right, it would be better to do that.

You got a problem with The Shadowed One's hands?

Never looked at that combi too closely...

Besides, Exo-Force arms were (evidently) not available in 05 stuck_out_tongue

I see what you're saying, but I never really liked that type of hand style. I will change them sometime soon.

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those wings tho

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Nice work!

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Thank you for all the great feedback smile

Do not worry, something will be done about the hands.

I hope to upload another picture of a different MOC that I think you guys will enjoy.

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Wow, best Teridax i've ever seen!

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That looks evil good nice job 😁