Custom Wave 1 hero factory villains

This is my wave 1 of hero factory villains and there will by a hero wave.

Magma: The smallest of the villains and also the dumbest, magazine species eats rocks and lives near volcanos. Magma is a gen thief, and by eating rocks, can shoot lava balls.

Graviton: Being the same species as exploud, he was a scientist l. He created the gravity gun which became a powerful weapon. It doesn’t actually control gravity, but moves particles around objects to move that object. The gravity gun also fires electric shots.

Tundra: His species has a claw on one hand and comes from the mining planet zena which is cold all year. Ice pillars lined the landscape where he trained. He is armed with a plasma blaster and his claw can chrush ice with ease.

Berserk: The beast created by firefly and his brother shockfly to destroy. This beast is pure strength and can cut through metal. Allong wit fire breath a drill claw and a massive claw he is a deadly villain.

Firefly: His is the younger brother to shockfly. He is the main scientist working on the quaza project. He has lighting powers and streangth. He also has the ability to create balls of electricity that he can launch at his aponents.


They look pretty nice! I would change Magma’s chest armor.


What do you want me to change magma chest armor to?

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Hint for pictures, I use a desk lamp for lighting and my desk pushed up against a wall, two lights one on each side works best.

The ideas are good, but the wave isn’t there I feel. It’s simple like the hero factory sets, but I feel you could do better. Some have gaps while others have armor shells missing. That’s the main problem for the sets, also don’t be afraid to keep it simple sometimes, as simplicity has a certain charm to it.

Thanks for the advice, which one was your favorite though

Not sure,

My favorite is graviton

Probably because of the textureing and overal look. Tundra is my second favorite.

I like Tundra a lot.

Magma’ chest armor looks somewhat odd.

This is a wave 2 villain, but in baby form. I think it’s cute. I call it spike turtle baby.

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Well, you may change it with a normal chest armor, with a something on it.

Ok thanks. But I wanted to do something different than the norm

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I understand! Sometimes I do this too, but it seems weird.


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Or you can make a custom torso.

sorry i don’t speak impossible




I’m diggin these. I love Hero Factory, so when I see custom HF characters I always upvote.

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