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I believe you would be able to. I'm honestly more interested in the ONO 3D printer in what it could offer me in terms of printing molds. More info on what I would do with those molds will be disclosed in the future.

@Cyber-Hand what do you think of the four options for models on the ONO cloud store thing:
Private: only you are able to access your design.
Group: you and a group of users specified by you are able to access the model.
Public: all OLO users will be able to access you design for free
Revenue: your model is visible to everyone but is only downloadable by users who pay to use your design

Also, would you actually use the revenue option on your models?

Alrighty! Here are several pictures of the Mask of Fire and Mask of Time (Pedestal)! Apologies that I didn't get these up earlier...and for the busy backgrounds. Hopefully these will give you all a good idea of how the products look.

@Cyber-Hand Again you have outdone yourself! Well Done! My only critique, for your consideration: The Mask of Fire is just the slightest bit too snug on the pegs before the attachment studs, and this can hamper it connecting to the head properly...however, your mask looks distinctly iconic and captures a G1 look better than all of the 2015 masks, in my opinion.

Could someone remind me how to collapse these to not take up so much space? :smiley:


I still think the official mask is superior. Is that just me?

I think they both serve there purposes well. Lego chose to move further from the G1 look with the official mask, and it does look really great. :slight_smile:

hey how did you get the blue prints for this thing?

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I got the file for the MoUP on Cyber-hand's etsy:
I currently have the page bookmarked so it would be easier for me to get new files that he has posted on there

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Thank you kindly for the compliment. I am going to make a new more accurate model of a G2 head so the ill fit does not happen again.

Well no one else has said otherwise. I think that for a mask that is a mix of both G1 and G2 I did a good job mixing the asthetics of both.

They probably wanted to save money as well since the final mask could be a lot thinner than my one and the mask clip could attach without interfereing with the cheek vents.

Speaking of that I just finished a two new masks. One was a comission from @tak210 for a Custom Takanuva mask.

I will not be putting this one up for sale since it is for a personal character. I will soon be making what I think the Avohkii would have looked like in G2 though, Looking forward to making that.

The second is a little differant to my normal masks but I have been wanting to make it for a long time. Going to make it full scale.

New Mask

I will be putting this one online for purchase, Along with detailed instructions for how to put it together and get the best look.


Wow, few things Cyber-hand. Firstly is, brilliant job mah dude. I think the community is really happy to have you here. Second, is a quick question about your combined mask of time, have you been able to work on that? Just asking, take all the time you want on it. Finally, do you plan on adding a fit G2 mask clips to that Skull Kid mask? Because I'd love to put that onto a BIONICLE XD.

This makes me really happy, since I was hoping you'd make the Avohkii. I started working on a G2 Takanuva last week, but his old mask isn't really working for me. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

And speaking of masks, I am currently working on making a G2 mask of life. Sorry mask of Ultimate Waffles, you will have to wait till after that is done. If you haven't been on the topic for someone's concept art of a minifigure version of tahu yet: I am currently working on making the needed pieces for that at the moment.

Hey @Cyber-Hand, what would you think of a topic on the message boards that was a discussion page where everyone can post pictures of their 3D models, prints, and talk about 3D printing?

Really digging that Majora's Mask. Any updates on the MoUP though, in both scales?

Do you think by chance you could consider making a version of your G2 Avohkii with runes on it?

Thank you, @Cyber-Hand!


Is orange strong and flexible polished a good material for the Mask of Time?

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Cyber-Hand, would the references in the Art Book (bigger res available in the PDF) combined with the small preview from the leaked image of Umarak the Hunter be adequate to make a model of the Prototype Mask of Control, and if so how much would your commission price be to model it and put it on shapeways?

Also, how the MOUP coming along? I was wondering, are the little columns next to the mouth on the model the right scale for clip pieces like Skull Spider legs?


Make some duplo please

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When could we expect word or some sort of update on the Axato mask for the Bionicle Legacy Project?

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This mask is amazing

The strong and flexible polished is a great material, and if you look at it without paying much attention it's almost like a completely smooth plastic.

@Cyber-Hand is it possible to get a Mask of Ultimate Power in black strong and flexible polished? I think it would look better than standard strong and flexible.


wow that looks so good, it looks like it could actually be real, from LEGO


So I meant to upload these back in February, but of course, life got in the way. So for anyone wondering what the Matte Gold finish from Shapeways looks like, here you go. I gotta say, although the price is a little steeper the material feels great in hand and the look to me is well worth the cost.

And here's a comparison shot next to Lego's warm gold. It's very similar, just with the extra reflective gleam and an ever so slightly lighter tint. At certain angles though, it's practically identical. I also find the texture is a little less rough than the unpolished plastic. As stated before, the metal masks are thicker due to the way they are made so if you buy one and try to put it on a G2 head it may get stuck. This material is best for pedestals and mask racks.