Cyclopian self moc

No real name or story behind her.

The mask on top of the head is meant as a disguise.

So tell me what you think if you will.


The head is well executed.

He has an interesting design.

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What happend to the legs?

Waist is a stick, has slenderman legs, I cant tell what the main idea is behind it, no real color scheme, and I can’t imagine its good to pose with the one pin holding the legs on the body.

That said I’m sad to say the only part I really like is the head. Reminds me of the mask of shadows or the zevon mask of life in its flipping design. Personally I’d scrap the body and / or add some shells and armor to this frame. I do like the cyclops idea though more armor / a new body would do wonders for it.

It looks like one of your drawings…

Well, there was no main idea behind it, and it’s actually great to pose due to that one pin, allowing the torso to bend the ways it does.

The legs are actually proportionate to my own, although the torso is too slim to be realistic.

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There are some cool concepts I see in the MOC, but it definitely needs some work. I think you should completely remove the metru waist, and use female sockets to build the lower torso instead. That would fill out the open sockets.

Female sockets?

Socket end. In any ball and socket system, female is a second way of referring to the socket half.

Not sure why peope felt the need to assign that name but it is what it is.

Not so sure about the MOC. Color scheme and proportions are are little too inconsistent for me. Maybe that’s what you were going for, I guess, but I’m not really a big fan of how it’s pulled off.

Then again I say this to most MOCs these days so maybe it’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, so I changed some stuff around on the MOC, lengthened the guns, fleshed out the legs, changed the torso a bit, and swapped the opaque purple eye stud out for a transparent purple one.

Pic from the back:

Closeup of what was added to the legs:

A second pic from the back, although from a lower angle to show some of the greebles that weren’t quite as visible behind the engine things:

Closeup of the changes to the torso:

And another pic of the disguise:


It’s because of things we aren’t allowed to talk about here :wink:


Hush now, ELK. There’s no reason to get us both in trouble. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very colourful

Why has no one mentioned the 14 limb joints? Is this a Cyclops or a squid?
That and the half a dozen colors.
This really needs to be streamlined.
I like the head.

The legs and arms are ok. The head is pretty gosh dang good! the chest was executed well. The only problem I have is the waste. It’s really thin. But, I’m no critic!

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