Cylestine, Cosmonian Of Energy

Well, here’s my work in progress of a new MOC. It’s a female MOC, and her name is Cylestine.


I like the overall design, the use of the upsidown 2016 Gali mask is interesting and the colour scheme is good. Only odd aspect is the feet - mixel piece stands outs too much and the colour of the blue on the toes isnt used enough to feel like it fits (even though you did admittedly use it on the arms and chest it isnt too visible.

Eh, one of them appears to be working now;

Are you letting it load before saving - as you need to do that for it to upload? Unsure if you are aware ><

I’m aware now. I didn’t pay attention to the fact that I uploaded the post when they weren’t done uploading on the post. Going to pay attention to that from now and on.

The feedback is appreciated.

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