Cyrmet; toa of light

Ok, so this is a toa of light concept. It's honestly a test to see how unique I could make a torso look, and so here it is! Cyrmet was a very skilled av-matoran mechanic, he would stay in his shop for months on end and tinker with his mechanisms, he was constantly trying to augment his body to become a toa. And when he finally became a toa, he wasn't satisfied with his limitations. So back to work he went on improvements. after 20 years of meticulously augmenting himself, he finally got the results he wanted, he was practically a tank! he was able to take massive amounts of damage, while able to put out impressive amounts of damage as well. So with his broadsword, shield hand, and his faux mask of control, he set out to assist whomever he could find that needed protection.


Is the name pronounced Kermit?


It's pronounced Sir-met, but it was inspired by kermit, idk why though...

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he's... alright

the plates at the shoulders are awkward and he seems standard

cute creature head arm. Wish it had a mouth


It's a very interesting idea. Good job

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Nice and he looks like Beast Wars Megatron with that creature head.

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