Daevel, The Devil of Hetand - MOC

Daevel is a Nordaman warrior who uses the corpses of his enemies to inflict fear into their allies. He is known to kill his enemies without mercy and he is one of the most ruthless warriors in the Nordaman tribe.

Daevel keeps the heads of his enemies on his banner of skulls


This is awesome dude!

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This is a very cool moc and cool concept.
I like what you did with the thornax launcher piece

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I’d hate to be the kid looking at this guy and noticing my father’s corps on him


That’s a lot of thornax launcher pieces

The way those two nuva chestpieces fit together is very satisfying

very cool design, got a warhammer orc feel to it haha

errm i don’t know it looks compact the waist looks like a big block, the shoulders are skinny and there might need some red in the skirt some pictures without the weapons the cross and the skirt might change how i feel.

with the skirt i feel like you just got the thornax launcher parts and placed them on there, although it is a good idea to use up a part that most MOCests live to forget i just dont get a skirt vibe from using them.

the colour choices is great but there could be more red like the small red tooth pieces for the back of the leg it is bare there (just an opinion) the blue pins are the elephant in the room and the tan 3/4 pins dont suit the moc in my eyes but if you do have loads of them then its good to use them.

is it possible you could add two more skull spider silver masks in the shoulders facing sideways just to fill out that space.

the using of the 2015 and 2004 toa skulls is a good idea to be like trophies but i’m not sure about the Noir (Noir is french for black) Phantom helmet.

i would like to see this moc in more poses because with the pics you uploaded gives me the thought that he doesn’t have much articulation

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I really can’t agree, except maybe with your last statement on needing a few more poses to show more articulation. [quote=“TheLeg0Br0ny, post:8, topic:31913”]
he shoulders are skinny

It’s not really that bad, yes if you look at it without the shoulder armor covering it it might look a bit thin, but it isn’t exactly unrealistic.

This changes so little I don’t even know why you brought it up. This is almost completely up to preference.

I feel like your just digging for complaints at this point.


all im doing is a critique if you dont like then why did you reply to me then

I’m stating my opinion, and I simply disagree with yours. It’s a discussion, it’s going to happen.


and its goin to end with me getting angry with you it ends now

Anyways, this MOC really embodies that devil/warrior look and reminds me of something from Magic the Gathering. Basically, I’d wet my pants if I met this guy. You nailed this one!

@TheLeg0Br0ny Oh no’s I wouldn’t like you when you’re angry.


I like the MOC.

Cool coloring, better skirt than I could pull off, lot’s of heads from enemies.

Seems like a great member of society.


Really awesome design.
Spoopy Skull Banner is spoopy.

This is truly great! This is one of the few MOCs I’ve seen where the cluttered appearance works in its favor.

THAT looks fantastic, I really enjoy how unique and defined this is. Nice job.

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Mata Nui I love that skirt.