Daevil and the Tritoran

A mighty swordsman with her loyal brothers

The Tritorans was originally an unofficial pact formed between three Suhnorans (Matoran inhabitants of Suhnork), the three being Vetraz(red), Letan(green), and Detritus(purple), for a chance to reach fame and fortune by taking part in the Suhnork Arena Tournaments. They believed that with Vetraz’s cunning traits, Letan’s intelligence, and Detritus’s physical strength would be enough to reach the top, but other contenders proved else wise. For a while, their luck was running out, until they crossed paths with the Swordsman…


A Ta-Suhnoran who uses tactics and trickery to evade trouble. He’s been known for playing with fire and messing with ordinary inhabitants.


Letan’s a lot more reserved, compared to the two Tritorans. He would much rather study the various anomalies and supernatural forces that lurk throughout Suhnork than stroll through the streets of central Suhnork.


A rather gentle and caring Onu-suhnoran when looking past the brawn and occasional tempers.

Original versions:

Daevil, the Shadow Swordsman

Daevil belongs to a species similar to the Vortixx and emigrated from her home planet as means to avoid the harsh life brought by war among her species. After arriving at Suhnork, she encountered the Tritoran. Out of pity, she agreed to the Tritorans, and eventually became fond of them, seeing them as family. Naturally, the Tritorans deemed Daevil the leader of the Tritorans and would remain loyal to her.

Daevil possesses the ability to absorb light energy, in doing so causes a small radius around her to grow dim, hence the title of Shadow Swordsman. Despite the title, she cannot manipulate shadow and light elemental in any other form.

While mastering her combat skills, others such as the Guardians, as well as Makuta Vira and her organization, have become aware of Daevil’s existence

Original version:

Overall thoughts and critiques:
I’m pretty happy with the general appearance of the four. There isn’t much, if anything at all, that I would change about the three Tritorans since their supposed to be simpler, smaller builds, but I’m always open to ideas.
While, I like how Daevil turned out and how true she stayed to her original appearance, I’d very much would like to rebuild her legs because they’re such a nightmare to pose

Thanks for viewing, C&C is appreciated!


These look great, the sward hilt in particular. And the Matoran torso design is so creative.

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