Dafora the mermaid

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It actually doesn’t look bad.

In fact, I’d say it’s pretty freakin’ good.

The torso and arms look pretty nice with one another, with the spikes on the arms serving as a nice tie between the yellows.

The point where the tail and the body ties together is a bit meh, but the tail itself doesn’t look that bad.

Nice job, man.


Excluding the description, I’d say this is actually pretty good! The only thing I’d change is the horns on the armor.

? When did I type thay

It’s in your gibberish, which I would ask you to delete and add an ACTUAL description.


Other than the description, I like this.

Well, it’s better than your other creations. I don’t like the tail.

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Only thing to complain about is that the waist is a little too small.

Other than that, this is ok.

How many MOCs do you post a day?

I do see improvement in your work, and I cant wait to see you get even better

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this is pretty cool.

good work :slight_smile:

I enjoy the tail the most, but I feel if is was a little bigger where it connects to the torso it with look a little more natural in terms of flowing as one.

Letme answer that question with a question how many moc have you seen by me

Better than the rest of your creations for sure…still there are some flaws that are worth a mention, however they were already mentioned above.

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Maybe it could use a little bit more bulk where the tale meats the body.

Um… about all of them.

I don’t like this attitude you’ve adopted.


FTFY, dude.

The shaping is a little incoherent on the tail but the problem is minial.

I love how you made the end of the tail!