Dagarak again

Energized protodermis is one Mangaia of a substance

Dagarak's new spear is able to sense the toxicity of substances and can store those substances for any further uses

Dagarak now has waist articulation, being able to bend his upper torso forward

Dagarak wonders why the olmak keeps bringing him to a dimension with a large white wall and black floor where a mysterious being observes him

I think he's definitely a step up from the previous versions, especially because his arms don't fall off anymore


Very well done, especially the red pins and a custom head. And I like how detailed this build is.

While he is definitely an upgrade, the upper torso looks very raw. Some armor might help.

How did you get those red circular pins? open_mouth

I have no idea, I collected them while sorting my parts
I assume it's from skopio or something with lots of red technic parts

HE TOOK MY MOC'S SKIRT! Time for a good lawsuit.

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Woah woah woah, that is not a skirt, it's his cloak that he now wears around his waist