Dagarak version 3

You thought it was Dagarak but it was me Dagarak
Biggest change are to his arms which are now double jointed allowing for more posing and his cape which is now permanently attached

I added armor on his legs which look pretty awkward and changed up his weapon

As with the other mocs his weapon does have alternate modes
I mentioned in a theme song topic that his theme was duel of fates... Impractical twin blade

And greatsword

Better look at that new arm

Some gangster star posing

I probably need to find a more secure way to attach his arms


Because of the way the leg armor attaches, if you could find some Inika build thigh armor in Mata Red (Metru Green could also work), you could fix up the awkward and unfinished look of the legs. Try using a 3-long half-width liftarm on the back of the arms to cover up the open pin (you would need two half bushings for each one though

other than that, it looks pretty cool

You made duplicate posts of the image where his blades join together. Is there a last image that was supposed to be in its place?

Oh yeah, didn't notice that

The first was a mistake

Still rockz


This is pretty cool for how simple it is. I still love those shoulders. The color set, while not original, is pretty neat. I think at this point to improve you have two options: eliminate the grey altogether, or go custom.

Also dear goodness I love that greatsword form. Shame I don't have HF sets to make it on my own :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want I have a design that could work for this.

Very nice. I like when he combines his swords. Makes him look... 20% cooler.

Love the green and red colour scheme which we don't see a lot in mocs.

Overall a really cool moc however one thing I would improve the lack of armor.

Still he really doesn't need more.

Great moc though and keep on mocing!

LOVE the hoodie look.