DaiRex Paladin of Primus

DaiRex is a revamp of a creation by Onethatis. It was made to celibrate his 10 year anniversary and the giant influence he had on the Lego Transformers community.

The original creation./\


Neither Autobot nor Decepticon DaiRex serves only the will of Primus. Believed to be one of the first non-prime Cybertronains DaiRex’s history has been shrowded in mystery. Some more ignorant Cybertronains scoff at the stories declaring him a myth invented to scare Prototforms into following the law. However he is real, and is still on his unending quest to kill any Cybertronian he deems evil, regardless of faction.

#The MOC:
Alt mode:


Extend the canons.

Remove the accesories

Form the sword and shield

Flip up the “Bumper”, unclipping it from the wheels.

Fold the back pannel up

Flip the wheel pods up into the torso

Split the legs

Fold the kneepads over the “intakes” and flip the feet out.

Swing the legs back and bring them down.

Turn the lower legs around and flip down the crotch plate.

Fold the chest down and peg it in.

Extend the arms, fold the canon tip back, and adjust the hands.

Robot mode:

Very happy with this guy, I think I stayed true enough to the original design while still providing a fresh take.


Despite some minor gripes, such as the color placement in the center torso, great job.
Good transformation to

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Love it, and it’s transformation

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