Daoga Hank, Clown of Color and Bufstro [LDD]

Daoga is an unusual servant in the Rainbow Tyrant clan, he doesn't have the same blood line from all the other servant, however he's consider an entertainment from his vash violent.


His sister was once an elite in the Rainbow Tyrant but died during the Tyrant downfall; so he must continue her legacy and his primal job.

And then theirs his minions; Bufstro's

Bufstro are not very popular in the landscape, their consider to be free-loaders and steal belongings.

However in combat, these little monster will outnumber from every blink you take. It's hard to distinguish which one is a hallucination.


Reminds me of @Shadowgear6335 's Funhouse, except much better, sillier and creepier

I get a Shaco look

His pose is similar too


Bionicle Jestro.

I have no words to describe this moc. It just looks really weird

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What am I looking at?

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But no Mark Hamil

Eh, I don't see much of the connection.

That was attended.

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This MoC confuses me.