Darconis great sage of darkness/shadow of the multiverse. Store back round added.

This is what I’ve been working on and waiting for so long to make. Those of you may remember this as this was in my house fire and survived being in the dead center of it unscathed. I decided that if my self moc has his light side he indefinitely needs a dark side. Darconis is a multiversal reality manipulator he has a Mass of dark great beings as they call him the true darkness. The other great being have tried multiple times to imprison him. But the prisons don’t last long as they start in
breaking almost immediately. Note: pictures have both light theme background’s and dark themed background’s. Darconis was originally the Great sage of balance between light and dark. But over time he started to tape into his original form. This was the great sage of darkness he has become a natural part of the multiverse. He has hundreds of thousands of insane great beings that have devoted there existence to his dark will. He is know for turning some of the most Honorable and peaceful great being into horrifying monster’s. Many great being have been trying to find a way to permanently in prison him. But to no Advil his power has become greater than they feared. Darconis is the reason why the great sage of the dead multiverse is hiding in his creation till this day. He has control over all being and horrors that lurk in the void. Personality: Darconis is deceiving and cunning and is several steps ahead the time line and is self aware. Inspiration: Darconis is inspired by the predator and a character for a video game know as Doki Doki AKA Monika. His theme for his design has evolved over the years of what he originally was. In the storyline he is The original being who first for the mask of life and is one of the only ones who knows of the mask’s true capability and full power. Theme: his theme was originally a Makuta of the bone hunters and had four Bone Hunter blade on his back. He is one of my very first Bionicle creations and has only gotten better since his creation. The moc also has been though literal fire and survived it unscathed just goes to show what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.


ah fun
i like the use of the Prime Empire blades!


Sorry guys I didn’t see that I put Lore of what actually happened in my life. I’ll be posting New pictures of my next project I’ve been working on.

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