Dark Hunter Mafia SIGN UP

Dark Hunter Mafia

A Toa team called the Toa Mahiki have infiltrated Odina and replaced Dark Hunters. All 6 wear Kanohi Mahiki to disguise themselves. However one of them was tasked with stealing some masks from The Shadowed One's trophy room. He was caught and killed, but not before hiding the masks across the island. Now the Dark Hunters must find the Toa before they are killed off.
Toa Mahiki (5): These are ruthless Toa that do not follow the Toa Code. Each night, they work together to kill someone
Dark Hunters (?): Average Dark Hunters that have the ability to wear a Great Mask
Darkness' Agents (2): Agents tasked by Darkness to eliminate the Toa... even at the cost of innocent Dark Hunter's lives. Each night they can kill one person they suspect of being a Toa
Great Kanohi hidden on the island, they can be found and used by anyone
Kanohi Akaku: Allows wearer to see a larger area and through walls
Kanohi Ruru: Allows wearer to have a huge area of vision.
Kanohi Volitak: Allows user to not be visible
Kanohi Hau: Allows user to be invincible to attacks
Kahohi Elda: Can detect Volitak or Iden users
Kanohi Iden: Allows quick, invisible travel, including through walls, but an Iden user's body can be killed by a Toa or one of Darkness' Agents, with the Toa/Agent still getting their normal kill.
There will be a map of Odina provided. Each person states their desired location, but can PM host and tell them if they wish to visit elsewhere, to look for masks, or to kill. They can also state a desired route. Each person has a vision area, anyone passing through is seen by the person, as well as where they came from and where they went. This is blocked by walls, but can be extended by Akaku or Ruru. (@Chro) A mask is found if the user is in the right area, and with a favorable result from a probability device, with the odds higher the closer you are to the mask. If someone with a Mask is killed by Toa/Agent, they take it. If they are hung, and they are innocent, they state who they bequeathed it to in their will, however everyone knows that person has it. If they are Mafia, there is a vote as to who should get it.

1) Hawkflight
2) Baldric
3) Marendex
4) Charyas
5) DarkTakanuva
6) Ranaki
7) Oonie
8) Fangface
9) Hewkii
10) TFM
11) Greencapps

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I'll sign up for this if you sign up for Annihilation

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Count me in.

@Hawkflight, this makes me suspicious I'll play a role...

Well, I've been in multiple Mafia games before, so why not?
Sign me up.

I'll join!

Sign me up.

Seems a bit confusing to me, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

I'll join for the lols.

I'll give it a try. Sign me up!

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How do I always miss these...

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