Dark Hunter Mafia

The Shadowed One looked at the mangled body of a Toa of Earth. After Airwatcher had spotted these three Toa, he had called Prototype to take care of them. Needless to say, there wasn't much left. What was left, however, was enough to trouble the assembled Dark Hunters. The Toa of Earth, as well as the Toa of Water and Toa of Fire that had accompanied him, all wore a mask the Shadowed One recognized as the Kanohi Mahiki, the Mask of Illusion, that could disguise its wearer as any being. There was also no trace of the six Great Kanohi Masks that had been stolen from the Shadowed One's fortress. Finally, the Shadowed One asked, "Ancient?"
The veteran Dark Hunter was also examining the scene. "I think I know of these Toa. They are called the Toa Mahiki. They all wear a Mask of Illusion. They could be among us now."
"Easy enough to find out," the Shadowed One mused, "Just ask them all to kill someone. The Toa can't because of their code"
"These Toa are different. They don't follow the Toa Code. They can kill just as we can."
"And they seem to have hidden my prize Kanohi," the Shadowed One said. "We can't risk the fortress being compromised again. The Toa may try to kill me next. If three are dead, there should be three left... Far to many."
The Shadowed One turned to the rest of the Dark Hunters. "Ancient, Sentrakh, and Darkness shall follow me to my fortress. No one else is permitted to enter. Find and kill these Toa, and find my prizes!"
And with that, the Shadowed One walked back to his fortress.
Standard Mafia Rules
Toa Mahiki (3-5) - Rouge Toa that do not follow the Toa Code. They can kill one person per night
Darkness' Agent(s) (1-2) - Special Dark Hunters tasked by Darkness to kill the Toa, whatever the cost. Each night, they can kill one suspect.
Normal Dark Hunters (?) - Nothing special... Unless they find a Kanohi to wear...
Kanohi Akaku: Allows wearer to see a larger area and through walls
Kanohi Ruru: Allows wearer to have a huge area of vision.
Kanohi Volitak: Allows user to not be visible
Kanohi Hau: Allows user to be invincible to attacks
Kahohi Elda: Can detect Volitak or Iden users
Kanohi Iden: Allows quick, invisible travel, including through walls, but an Iden user's body can be killed by a Toa or one of Darkness' Agents, with the Toa/Agent still getting their normal kill.
There will be a map of Odina provided. Each person states their desired location, but can PM host and tell them if they wish to visit elsewhere, to look for masks, or to kill. They can also state a desired route. Each person has a vision area, anyone passing through is seen by the person, as well as where they came from and where they went. This is blocked by walls, but can be extended by Akaku or Ruru. A mask is found if the user is in the right area, and with a favorable result from a probability device, with the odds higher the closer you are to the mask. If someone with a Mask is killed by Toa/Agent, they take it. If they are hung, and they are innocent, they state who they bequeathed it to in their will, however everyone knows that person has it. If they are Mafia, there is a vote as to who should get it.
Sign up is still up here: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/dark-hunter-mafia-sign-up/7902, but for now we have:

1) Hawkflight
2) Baldric
3) Marendex
4) Charyas
5) DarkTakanuva
6) Ranaki
7) Oonie
8) Fangface
9) Hewkii
10) TFM
11) Greencapps
12) Takua


Yes! it's starting!

I have a rough idea as to what is happening. Let's go.

(TFW we have almost the exact same list of players)

When do we get this map?

Role PMs have been sent out.
1) Go to scratch.mit.edu
2) Log in. Username is "OdinaMap", password is "123456"
3) Go to "My stuff" (the little folder in the top-right corner)
4) You'll see "Dark Hunter Mafia", click "See Inside"
5) Each of you has a sprite that has the first letter of your name and a circle around it. The sprite name is your board username. You can find out which one is you by double-clicking the right sprite
6) Drag your sprite to where you want to be. You start at your house, each person's house has their first 2 initials on it. If you accidentally drag the backdrop, press the green flag. Please do not drag anyone besides you. You can see anyone that passes through your circle of viewing. If a mask is within your circle, and you specifically say you are looking for it, you will see it if there is a favorable result from a probability device, but you can't kill people and are less likely to see moving people.
7) PM me if you wish to move from your spot on the screen, to search or kill or scout or whatever.
Ask questions if you wish. Good luck.




If we are starting from our houses, and we are at our houses right now, can we move now (after PMing you) or do we need to wait?

Also, what is this probability device?

You can move now. PM me if you want to move during the night (so people don't know, like you could move to a place where there is no one, and might notice a Mafia member that decided to go that way)

So the location of the Kanohi is randomly generated? How will we determine which one we find? Also, how will we be less likely to see moving people when we are looking for masks?

I have been moved.

How do I save where I have moved?


You'll know when you find it

When not looking, you'll see anyone in your sight area
When looking for masks, you'll only have 1/2 chance (flip a coin, heads=you see it)

It saves automatically

huh this looks like it is going to be interesting

If anyone wishes to look for masks, move at night, or do other things, tell me before 5:00 EST.

Can we look for masks at our homes?

Yes you can.

I moved.

um wait i want to look for a mask!

Night One

Takua sat in his hut, scanning the night with his peri/telescope. In the distance he saw Greencapps attempting to scale the Shadowed One's fortress. He had been saying that one of the missing Kanohi was hidden up there, and he was going to find it. No one else had bothered to look for the Shadowed One's possessions yet. Several guards, including the massive Prototype, were standing below Greencapps, shouting at him to stop climbing. As Takua watched, Greencapps lost his grip, tumbling down. Prototype caught him, squeezing him with a massive hand. I wonder if there is any popcorn anywhere Takua thought. At that moment, a figure leaped on top of Takua's roof, quickly shattering the outer lens of the peri/telescope. As Takua jumped back in surprise, a small object fell through the tube of his peri/telescope, bouncing in front of the viewing lens. It looks like an unpopped popcorn kernel... Takua thought. With a loud "pop", the object suddenly expanded to a huge size. The force of the expansion violently threw Takua backwards, snapping his neck and sending him flying out the door. The Dark Hunters, hearing the noise, rushed to the scene, finding Takua lying on his back in the street, dead as a doornail.
@Takua, Innocent Dark Hunter, killed by Toa Mahiki
Voting for hanging begins now, and ends in 24 hours. A tie, or a majority voting for "no kill", means no one is hung.