Dark Takanuva, Scourge Demon

Hi everyone, Un’Jaguk here!

Dark Takanuva came to Ralqii out of one of the inter-dimensional rifts that Makuta Voryn inadvertently opened upon bending reality. He stands firmly alone, as though he is evil, he disagrees with Voryn’s methods. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.




<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/4X/5/7/0/570f340d92007e2a9830b473918929b59fe59b6f.jpeg"width=“666” height=“500”>

Wings open:

Action pose:


Torso’s a bit long, but other than that, simply amazing, and I’m really just nitpicking anyway.

Oh god. The edgy ness.

But oh so anime.
I don’t know what to give this one… 8/10

Overall looks good, but IMO there are too big gaps between the Chirox wings


doesn’t look like me



It looks ok. My biggest gripe is actually something I see in most of your mocs: the wings. They just seem way to gappy to me.

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I love those swords, great job!

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Unfortunately, the wings only really look cool in the last photo

The wings are so awesome. You should put that picture at the top. It’ll make the thumbnail on the board much more impressive too.