Dark vs Light Ekimu


I like the horns on Dark Ekimu, they fit better with the Mask of Creation that I would have thought. I like the design of dark Ekimu’s hammer/pick thing. Overall, it’s amazing what a simple color palette swap will do. And that last picture is hilarious!

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Even though it’s more or less a little color swap, I really like Dark Ekimu. His horns and hammer are my favorite bits. Seeing these guys duke it out is both cool and funny.

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Not too shabby! Those horns really help to fill out the awful gap behind the crown section of the MoCr.

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The horns really fit in giving him that evil look.

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I wish there were gunmetal/silver parts

so Darkimu could totally be the opposite instead of the evil part of Ekimu


20/10, would buy instead of Grinder.

Wait…that hammer…

0/10, no Makuta MOC…

Great builds, man!

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The hammer is alright, but the MOC itself is amazing!

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