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Thought this’d be cool to try.


That’s amazing! Is that, like, Venom 2099? I know he’s a thing.

The shading, concept, source material, it’s all too good! I mean, he is Spider-Man, of course I’m going to like him.


Thank you! Yeah, it’s meant to be Venom 2099, although I’m not sure if that’s really a thing or not. I’ve never followed the 2099 story; I just like his design.


Same here, I googled it and found this:


Oh, that’s interesting. I wonder why he’s blue in the future.


I hate to be “that guy,” but technically the Spider-Man 2099 suit is black, not blue. :laughing: The comic artists just made the highlights blue. That’s probably also why Venom 2099 is “blue.”

I do like the white bits, though, but they could look maybe a little more different from the normal suit design.

Not bad, on the whole!


Dude I love this! Great job!


This is the same thing that’s made me unsure of what color Batman is for years. But with the official Venom 2099 that was posted earlier, it looks so overwhelmingly blue that you couldn’t do it with lighting. Ugh, this always confuses me.[quote=“PakariNation99, post:6, topic:46727”]
little more different from the normal suit design.
I tried to differentiate them a little, but what made it tough was that the normal side already has a ton of spiky protrusions from the red, so I couldn’t figure out how to maintain that general idea and change it up a lot. I tried to make the spikes longer and sharper looking.
Thanks for the feedback!
@EmperorDuckie Thanks!

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Batman was actually blue in the 70s, and in the Hush story.

Well, see, when these characters were first created, they were wearing black suits. At least, Spider-Man was (I’m only applying the same logic to Venom). My assumption is that the lighting of 2099 is so strong (everything is bright and neon) that they were mostly highlighted, and the highlight color of choice for black back then was blue.

The funny thing is that Spider-Man was only mentioned as being in a black suit through dialogue, and since many people haven’t actually read the books, they just assumed he was blue. Many appearances later and he basically was blue.

So they started out as black, but the blue stuck because it was so prominent.

Don’t sweat it, the whole thing is weird and confusing.

Probably would just have to go SUPER sharp and spiky I suppose. Over-the-top almost.

But either way, it still looks awesome!

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Do you take requests?

I take them on a case by case basis; you can DM me if you want

More VENOM movie hype, WOOT


Hard to believe they’re making a movie about that guy from TTV. He should write a book- From Mocs to Movies: Venom’s Story