Darkbeing-Cat Sin Of Lust

Wait! Before you start say what most of you are going to say, Lust doesn’t always mean what you think it is. I look it up and I found this “An intense desire or craving of personal pleasure and gratification, with only one’s own interests and feelings being considered, selfish love.” I hope this clear some things up

Also know as Ahava. This Darkbeing is just like Edon, in the sense that she still has her memories of her past before she become a Darkbeing

Ahava seem to get pleasure in torturing people, rafter philosophy or mentally

I give Ahava a whip because I was looking a my Dark spawn MOC and seeing that he has these two tail things on his back, which can turn into other weapons. I never thought to use them as a whip, and thought a whip would be good for Ahava

Here Ahava with Edon

Ahava “You hide your face under that mask, why not give me a peek
Edon “Take your hand off me or I’ll cut it off for you

Well that’s it for now, let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


Some little things: the forearms are a bit blocky compared to the smoother, flowing armor on the rest of the MOC and the connection of the tail doesn’t flow very well with how her spine would run. The Rahkshi head doesn’t really say “cat” to me either, and somehow I’d imagine the cat look would be driven home more if the the feet were digitigrade as opposed to plantigrade. Other than that, though, the character does shine through in the poise and posing, the whip is a great weapon choice given the MOC’s backstory, and the red accents make the color scheme a lot less… boring than Edon’s. Pretty good overall.

Everything looks fine but the head, it looks super out of place

The head doesn’t work for a cat but I guess it’s the closest piece to the real thing.

The MOC isn’t bad, reading the title I was a bit worried but this is actually pretty good. The only problem is the torso is a but short and the armor at the waist level looks odd. I don’t know why a cat would have hair but it’s a cool aesthetic.

I don’t really know what cats have do to with any of this…


Some of the texturing seems to be conflicting, like the blocky forearms, its a time that a normal CCBS limb would be better visually even if it makes the build itself a bit lesser.
The whole build is fine but the thighs could use some refinement.
And I really don’t like the Rakshi head, not cause its a rakshi head but because it doesn’t really fit the moc.

your right there nothing to do with cats, I just thought to make the MOC cat like just because I thought it will look good, really