Darkbeing-Snake Sin Of Sloth

This is by far the longest Moc I have work on and also the longest Moc in general as well

I work on the head for awhile, but it was the tail that take the most time. I gone with so many different builds I lost count, but I am happy with this one

I gone made the tail be more of a pincher tail

Now what I had as a idea for this one to be a sin of sloth is that he stay back and summon smaller minions to do the fighting. So just think of it as a summoner if you would

I didn’t put too much thought into the minions, meanly because I put so much time into the main moc I just throw some things together

Here is a idea of the length of the Moc

Well that’s it for now, let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


I was impressed before I saw the head open up! That’s amazing


That little snake actually looks opretty cool!

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Holy crap! This is crazy impressive. I can’t imagine any way you could have



Oh that’s terrifying. And the head opens up. Cool, nightmare time. It’s a great moc, nightmare induction aside.

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It almost looks like a wurm from hollow knight. But EdGeIEr.

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