Darkbeing - Spider Sin Of Envy

Being the Darkbeing of Envy, this Darkbeing is envious for her lack of beauty, or the beauty she once had.

Back when Envy was human, she was once the most beautiful woman of her land. until she had her face burn in a fire, and then… well you can guest what she was going through after that.

Didn’t help much after she become a Darkbeing, which now she wears a mask to hide her more spider like face.

Going with the spider themed look, I gone and add a sting to act like spider webbing

Something to use to pull enemies in closer

At the time I didn’t had a plane black shoulder part, or whatever it’s call. but I guess I could see the print as scratch marks

“Are you my mummy?”

Envy is even more envious of Edon, seeing that he able to turn back to his human form. And also Ahava, even as not being human, she still hold some form of beauty

Well I that’s it for now, let me know on what you think and I’ll be back with more


Awesome idea. Love the uniqueness of the MOC.

It’s terrifying


I like how the legs look
It reminds me of the spider-gremlin

I already have a fear of spiders so this increases that, Great job now I can’t sleep. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nightmare fuel

VERY creepy and unnerving. I love it!

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I’m scared now.

My arachnophobia is going to be keeping me awake at night now


Reminds me of the spider Darth Maul

I like the droopy look. It’s almost like it’s playing dead.

Awesome MOC! Very creative, I really like the style you have this guy. And some gread parts usage.

Why was there no ARACHNAPHOBIA training at the start of this!? My gosh this is terrifyingly beautifully! Just scary! Good job!

The hanging head with strands of hair reminds me of The Ring.

…I still think she’s beautiful…