Darkodia The Between


Quick question: what IS this thing? It looks like Xplode 'kindly donated' some of his pieces to Jetbug and stole a few gold pieces from Brutaka (if they even are from him?)
also try to get a solid background, the computer is kinda distracting

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It's an Inika build with a few add-ons, but it hods a good look.


this one is way way way better than the others. you got it with this one matching the yellow mask to the yellow in the fire spike weapon. I would get rid of the green put a proper head under the mask and put lots more spikes on it and call something like" fire spike beetle" but I'm a fan of rahi so.

He is actually a Makuta with powers of light and shadow

The giant syth is not his, but was a gift

The moc isn't bad for what it is. Try a consistent texture through your the moc and maybe remove the gold. Also add yellow greebles to fit in with the jetbug mask and you're set.


This guy is cool. I loves the name and story for him. Although his arms are a bit long. Good job can't wait to see more. (Also people reading this inika builds are not bad so chill)

Makuta could not wield light unless we are talking melding universe

An OK MOC. I remember building pathwork kind of models myself when I was a kid. Keep building!