DarkTakanuva does Voice Acting

Behold my terribad skills and such.

In order: Ultron, Treebeard, Saruman, Grima Wormtongue, Gollum, Bilbo and Smaug, and a feeble attempt to imitate some of the members of the TTV Podcast.

I can do a few others as well, one being Mata Nui in the Legend Reborn.

@Mesonak, @IllustriousVar, @Eljay, @TakumaNuva, @exxtrooper, @Viper, please don't kill me.


Your Lord of the Rings voices are impressive, especially Smaug. I don't know what Treebeard and or Saruman sound like unfortunately. Its a bit more difficult to judge Ultrons because his voice has filters over the top. When you tried voicing us I heard a Tobuscus in there at the end too. : )
...This makes me want to try out voices now. XD


I can just imagine one of your parents walking into your room, then slowly walking back out. Oh, and nice job! Your Saruman is spot on.


I like it, some of them were fantastic, I thought I was watching an actual movie for some of these...

The piano playing in the background really sets the mood stuck_out_tongue

All the voices besides the TTV ones are impressive. The TTV ones didn't sound like the cast, sorry.

But the LOTR and the Ultron voice sounded pretty accurate. I'm impressed with those ones!

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Would you be interested in voicing for stop-motin movies?


All I have to record my voice with is that camera, though.


If you would want to I could separate the sound from your camera from the footage from your camera and only use the sound, but that would all depend on if you would want to voice for stop-motion in the first place.

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If I had the time to do it, what would you want me to voice act?

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This is amazing 10/10 - IGN


Probably one of these original characters for a comedic YouTube stop-motion series. Mabe more than one since your voice seems so diverse.


So I just listened to this thing for the first time

LoTR is pretty legit

TTV ain't so much

overall 1/1


I did say it was a feeble attempt.


That Ultron, Treebeard, Saruman, Grima Wormtongue, Gollum, Bilbo and Smaug were amazing.

Eh... If you continue practicing I can see you doing some real good imitations of the cast of TTV.
I mean this is a real old topic so I don't know why I am commenting.

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Try doing Jhins voice from league of Legends