Darkus-Eclipse V3 (plus update)

So yea V3 of Darkus-Eclipse back to his original height and his Sword of darkness and a total update to his V1 self

now that update i mentioned its to Hivea
i gave her some coverage round the thighs, added a spike to her crown, some more fur to her back and gave her the Key of Time as a pendent
oh and two extra arms like her V1 self

hope you like it


He may benefit from a greater distribution of spring green, light blue, and transparent blue. They are are featured in very low quantities.

Also, and this may just be me, but the name feels a little more like the words it is based on than an actual name.


it is his name and i dont have any acrylic purple paint to do his sword

plus the orginal had that colour scheme

This doesn’t excuse a flaw. If anything, another version should be trying to fix previous issues. I personally think the color scheme could use some work in the distribution.


im not even going to argue, if you dont like it tough its staying

I think Darkus needs less colors. None of them directly conflict with any of the others, but there’s too many for a good flow to be created visually (if that makes any sense).

I will say that I like his sword. It has this godly magic type look that I enjoy a lot.


So turns out Darkkus wasn’t just a name I invented. Darn it.

Regardless, I think the fellow above me described my feelings on it best.

Looks good, but as Sonus said, there’s a lot of shades and different colours there.


Real edgy there


The torso is too greebled compared to the smooth legs, which look wonderful I might add. Also like others have said, there’s a bit too many colors. Maybe removing the purple and adding more metru blue would help. I also don’t understand the ring, but that’s just personal peference

Hivea still as the same problems as last time, and looks a bit more cluttered in the thigh area, but maybe it’s just the Keetorange.

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well if you have any bright yellow in that piece then i’ll take them off your hands (if you dont want them) but if not it stays

Maybe just having them in black would help.

i dont have black ones they are all broken (stupid 2009 - 10 bionicle sets)


hey mate.

there’s this wonderful thing out there.

it’s called Bricklink.

here, i’ll even give you a link:



As people have stated, the colors are too much of a mess, but the actual concept and isn’t bad. It just needs things tweaked here and there.

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This is cool dude. He does have a lot of colours on him, but I think they work well enough together.

i did an order but they said they dont ship to the UK

Try a different seller, there are literally thousands of them.


i tried 15 all the same i even did UK sellers