Darth The Blind Watcher V2 (self moc)

Yeah here an update to my self MOC Darth.Ben.Ben The Blind Watcher In his humanoid form. I decided to make a simply self MOC for now. And since his a shape shifter anyway there's no harm in making a couple different Visions before i make his final form. By the way he is supposed to have those gaps in his chest.
I changed the tail to long hair also.
Huh i didn't think about it, but him having those head for iron knuckles works really well with the fact that he turns into a three head dragon kaiju thing.


Looks good. I've always really loved the white Miru. I'll be the one to give you the gif.

I like The Joker


Cool! I like the way you used the Krika masks.


@ToaSonus The GIF man has been GIFED, it feels so good
@Stoax Thanks, I love finding ways to use part that i haven't seen before.

Nice! I really like the Krika heads as hands. It definetly looks like an upgrade of the original.

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I think I'll add some backstory to this guy tomorrow or the next day. By the way I'm making a new self MOC. For reason that we'll be explained in the backstory.