Darth the Death Stalker Topic

Well I figured there was no point in making a topic for every single version of my self MOC. So I am just gonna post all of them here from now on.

Well anyway I have made a WIP for version 3.5 of Darth The Blind Watcher.
Name: Darth.
Species: Dagara.
Element: Ice, Death.
Height: 0.9m in Human form, 3.2m in Dragon form.
Status: Decease/Undead.

######These pictures are just amazing right. /s
His suppose to be a skeleton Water (Ice) Bender Dracolich thing.

I want to add more White and blue. Your opinions please.

Also his dragon form well come next, at some point in the future.


The limbs are very lackluster. I would suggest ideas, but what do you want this form based around? (Is he bulky in this form? Thin? Etc.)


He is just a skeleton, with a scythe. He was inspired by Slender Man. He doesn’t really gain any bulk until dragon form.

I was gonna suggest some aysymmetry, to show off decomposure (since be undead and all). You could also try making a rib cage for him, although I don’t have any ideas for a custom one (you could use the rib cage piece from the Phantoka Makuta). The dragon better be epic :wink:


Hmm I will The aysymmetry on the limbs. But I am not sure about the Phantoka Makuta rib cage piece.

And should I completely remake him, or just rearrange the flesh a bit to make the asymmetrical look?

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I guess you could remake him, because as he is now he doesn’t look at all undead.


Okay I am gonna attempt to make him more Undead like.

He is actually suppose to be just a skeleton now actually. anything on there that isn’t too skinny is armor or cloths.

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he looks… like a thin machine

maybe get some '15 skeleton pieces? That could help

but then you’d need more silver on the guy


He needs more armor to make him look more undead and less skinny

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He certainly is thin. I think the feet could be changed out for some Mata or Inika feet, as those would fit the slim look.


He is supposed to look skinny. His kind of a cross between Slender Man and a Mummy.

I actually don’t know why I haven’t done this yet.

Clean up the torso, maybe put a small armor piece on it.

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Nice moc it really gives off the undead look.

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I enjoy the look of him. I think the torso is nice, but needs a little more white and silver. I also feel getting rid of the Mata/Surge Blue armor shells and replacing them with Trans. Light Blue armor shells would be much more effective as well.

The spindly look is done really nicely here, although, the 2015 skull limbs may be a little more stable. Overall, there is something I find really nice about the MOC. Good work!

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@Xing1870 hmm I kind of like the look of it though but I will be working on it.

@Vicroen thank you.

@MaskmakerOfLight Thank you. I will differently be adding more white and probably some more silver to this guy, And I was already thinking about replacing the Mata/Surge Blue armor shells with trans.


0/10 no banana for scale /s
looks ok but he is a little too skinny and maybe only one kind of blue?

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The scythe looks amazing and the build is interesting enough to be cool. The colors are weird, though, and he’s a bit stick-figure like…

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Okay so I have been working on this guy a bit lately and I have almost completely changed the way he looked. The Character himself has also changed quite a bit.

In the story he has basically become a spirit of death and pain. I wanted to give him a more royal, more powerful, and armored look to him.

I still need to bulk his lower arms up a bit. But other then that I am happy with this.

I will also probably do is add a little more white so the mask isn’t totally out of place as well.

Also this guy is no longer my self MOC so I will be editing the name of the topic.

I have a new self MOC.