Daws, Former Turaga of Ze-Nui

After a monstrous Rahi ravaged the former home of the Ze-Koronans, six Matoran were selected by the dying Turaga to guide his people to a new home. These were Harias (Toa of Fire), Whiturl (Toa of Earth), Aspyr (Toa of Air), Tonax (Toa of Stone), Kikag (Deputy Toa of Ice), and Daws (Toa Leader of Water). Though many Matoran died during the journey, Daws’ Toa Team, the Toa Hyraz, succeeded in there quest. They settled in the then oasis dubbed Ze Nui, or “Great End” to signify the end of the journey. Having met their destiny, the Toa Hyraz sacrificed their Toa Power and became Turaga. The Ze-Koronans lived peacefully for only a century when the Great Cataclysm came. The island was left frozen. Only a few Matoran survived, mostly the Ko-Matoran and Turaga Kikag, being a Turaga of Ice. Daws and the others died of freezing.

woaj, such long backstory. Anyways, onto the pics.

(Front Shot)
Daws’ Badges of Office were a Pincer Staff and a Lagoon Shield. Their gold color signifies her authority.

@Nyran shot.

Height comparison with a (current) Agori Build, Turaga Kikag.

Something that sends shivers down your spine.


You know the drill by now.


I like his overall body structure, but his shield is a bit unbefitting of a turaga.

She’s a Turaga of Water, for crying out loud.


my bad lol


I like the hunched back and color scheme

I don’t like the Metru Blue feet :confused:

Really didn’t have that much in the way of Trans-Blue/Dark Azure feet :confused:

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Dark Grey feet could have worked…

Currently don’t have 'em.

looks pretty cool

nice work

Pretty good, nice torso/body, custom builds are the business…



I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for bringing more saxophone solo into my life…

I have the same opinions on it, but I think Mata-Blue feet would have worked just fine :smile:

I thought it was a man too. Whoopsie.

I feel like the gold clashes too much with his other colors.

######I can’t believe her gender is that confusing to you guys…