Deadpool hovercraft / speeder

Nothing to say; it’s just a silly hovercraft / speeder style build for my deadpool mini fig.
Also ignore the Trans red cone in one pic; after taking it it fell off and the vehicle looked better without.


A nice model, but not really a micro fighter (kind of too big and well-designed).

Well; microfighter in more of a “minifigure is too big too fit” sort of way. Really it’s just a silly idea becuase I could though I did edit the title.

Technically, it’s a first, because it’s a micro which a minifig can pilot.

Looks good, though.

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this is so cute omg

Honestly, this reminds me of a Lego Dimensions fun pack or something or even an actual lego set for £5.99 or something?? So yeah, it’s really solid and you’ve done a great job!

I can imagine deadpool wanting to fly one these in the comics, tbh.

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This is better than cake

Good Job, man.


Nice job. But who needs a hovercraft when you have taxis?

This is awesome for how small it is

Might need more wings.

At least 5 more.


I like it!