Death Race!(RP topic)

(Note: this takes place after the events of “Majestic League”)

Somewhere In space, there stood a race track. It was the most famous race track in the galaxy, and people from many different worlds would come here to test their mettle and burn some rubber. After the disaster of his last game, Arena Battle, the Gamemaster decided to get as far away as he could, to a place where he could start over and go back to hosting games and toying with contestants. He discovered this racetrack, and decided that this would be his newest game: A race.
The Gamemaster walked along the race track with Scrapper, his right-hand man. “This marks a new beginning for us Scrapper. Now, nothing will stand in our way of achieving our ultimate goal.” With that, the Gamemaster released a stack of posters advertising for his race game. He watched as they blew away in the wind, (Although there technincally isn’t any wind and space) heading to unknown destinations, notifying who-knows about the competition.

3 Weeks Later…

By now, word had gotten around, and it was the first day of the race. The contestents began to arrive…


Nameless walked around near the beginning of the track, looking around.

There was a skeleton sitting in a barrel
“well hey there stranger, good ta see ya”

A bright neon blue figure zoomed onto the scene. “Yaw-haw-haw-haw, 'sup duuudes! You here for the competition, too?” he said, speaking in an obnoxious surfer voice.

Nameless simply nods.

“Tubuler, dude. My name’s Skader, by the way.” he said, stretching out his hand.

Nameless stares at him for a second or two, then lightly shakes it.

Skader grabbed nameless by the hand and flipped him onto the ground. “Psych! No hard feelings, roight?” He said, laughing.

He fell into his own shadow as he landed, and came up in Skader’s, glaring.

Skader backed away . “Yaw, no need to be so salty, dude. I was just messin’ around.” he said nervously. “I’ma go talk to the skeleton dude, now.” Skader then approached Boneson. @L.O.S.S-KAL
“Sup, duuude!” he said to him.

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Nameless turned away and kept looking around.

“Nice ta meetya”

“Not to brag, but i’m totally gonna school you in the race.”

“Oh I don’t think so mate I once won the platinum trophy for the skeleton barrel race competition of the universe”
“I was the only one there”

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Skader chuckled. “I’ll give you that, but I am more Xtreme than you, skeleboi. I have Juggled chainsaws, rode sharks through lava, and drank coke after eating mentos and pop rocks. Could you top that?”

Out of nowhere a knight in parade armour wielding a huge spiked duelling shield that could be easily described as an angry table falls onto the platform
“That really hurt”
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Skader looked down at the knight. “Need help, dude?” he asked.

“Nope I should be fine”
He picks himself up and dusts his armour off

Meanwhile, The Gamemaster was preparing. He handed a small bell to Scrapper(@Mr.Monopoly). “Go introduce yourself, and show them the way around.” He told Scrapper. He then sent him off.

“I’ve taken down many people who had egos just as big, if not bigger than yours, despite how hard it is to believe such people exist.” Nameless said to him as he walked over.