"Deathmatch" (Halloween Preview)

“I have to make it to the center…I have to make it to the center…”

Those were the only words he could think of while he frantically ran towards the center of the island.

“I have to make it to the center…”

The sun was quickly going down. It was almost dark.

“I have to make it to the center…”

The darkness grew quickly, encompassing the majority of the land now.

“I have to make it to the center…”

Shadows seemed to move, forming dark figures. The sun had all but vanished now.

“I have to make it to the center…”

He stumbled, shadows growing thick now. He tried to get up, but the darkness held him down.

“…I have…to make…it to the…center…”

His hand fell. His voice faded and cracked.

“…I…have…to…make it…to the…”

The sun went dark, the moon was red, and he vanished and was never seen again.

A tall figure stood atop a mountain in the center of the island. He grinned evilly as he watch the crazed one vanish.

Screeches of triumph rang out from the demons that inhabited the island. They had caught their prey. A good catch, too.

The figure looked down at a scroll in his hand, selecting several names from a list.

He turned and walked away, vanishing from thin air into nothing.

Darkness engulfed the land, snuffing out all hope for they prey of the demons.

Laughter filled the air.

It was the laughter of hell.


I walked along the beach, searching for any sign of life other than myself. I had heard the screams during the night, so I knew that had to be something. The creatures that had been screaming couldn’t have killed each other. Could they?

Even with my assumption it seemed anything was possible. I had gotten here in the middle of the night after I had opened a scroll I had found lying on the ground near my home. The island I was on was similar to my home physically, but the colors were dull, and fog filled the air, making it hard to see.

The other difference was the inhabitants. There were none. I had never really interacted with the villagers on my home island, but now…I couldn’t even find them. Maybe they had vanished during the night?

Whatever the case was, I was very much alone. I couldn’t even spot fish in the water, although that wasn’t helped by the fog.

I turned around, about to head back to where I had arrived, only to find my footsteps had vanished.

That was when I found out I wasn’t quite alone

A shadow was standing in front of me. Not my own, sleek shadow, but a shadow, three dimensional, with wicked looking claws and a massive amount of bulk and muscle. Without warning, it leaped at me and drew back an arm as if to lash out.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl.

There was a flash of silver light, the noise of metal cutting through air, and a horrific screech.

When time picked back up, the shadow was lying to two separate parts on the ground behind me.

I myself, was holding a long scythe with a massive mechanical blade.

I had killed the shadow.

The shadow had been what made the terrifying screech. How shadows made noise was beyond me.

I turned around to look at my kill. It was a clean cut, and the shadow seemed to be slowly dissolving. I knelt over, poking the shadow. To my surprise, it was physical, and it felt like an unusual combination of rock and metal.

A few seconds later, I also realized it was burning hot.

I pulled my hand back, shaking it to cool my finger off. The shadow hissed at me, before fading away.

I got up, realizing that I hadn’t learned much from the encounter, other than that shadows wanted to kill me and touching them burned my fingers.

That’s when I noticed the sun had gone down.

The shadows cast by the setting sun began to take shape, turning into more like the one I had just killed.

Were these demons? I could see them now, as they were approaching me but not pouncing yet. They had large horns, appeared to be well armored, and each had a large weapon of some sort, be it a sword, a dagger, an axe, or even claw gauntlets.

I gripped my scythe, preparing to fight my way through the horde to safety. One leaped at me, and got no further than the length of my scythe before dying, two rushed me and tried to hit me with their swords, but I blocked them and caught both in my blade. A particularly large and muscular demon with a hammer lumbered towards me, along with two other, smaller demons with daggers.

I skidded downwards, slashing the legs off of the two dagger wielding demons, then used the momentum established from the attack to cut the large demon in half.

Unfortunately, my aggression had gotten me caught in the middle of the horde.

My instincts kicked in, and I stored my scythe on my back. I focused the elemental energies within me, directing it towards my hands. The demons stopped as they realized my hands…were no longer hands. They had turned into long, four barreled energy cannons.

After all, I am a Toa of Technology.

I am happy to finally have this somewhere. This is a Halloween-special (yes it’s several days early, don’t complain :P) preview of my new story for 2015, “Deathmatch.” It outlines some of the location and enemies, and actually shows Ekorak using his first signature move, Phantom Death Cannon, although he just sets it up and doesn’t actually fire. Any questions? I’ll try to answer, although I may not put in major spoilers. Thanks for reading!

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