Deathtrooper photography

I’ve modded my deathtrooper to improve the articulation and appearance and decided to actually do something with that.


For the empire



Always prepared


I love the improvements! I actually just got that set for Christmas.

I wish i could afford to get those, but im btke right now. Im exited for k2so, though

Pretty good improvements, but the photography falls a bit short. I think the lighting is a bit…off.

Not one to critique though. My photography isn’t historically very excellent :stuck_out_tongue:

Although nice improvements, the photography leaves much to desire.

The two major issues I’m seeing here are bright lighting and grain.

If you’re using a desk lamp, try angling it so that the light isn’t close or directly aiming at the subject.
If you’re using an iPhone, tap on the part that appears washed out (AKA too bright to see anything) and it should help the lighting while not ruining the focus on the subject. Just play around with it.
And, if you are using an iPhone or some sort of touchscreen device, try out the HDR function, it tends to help a lot with getting better lighting.