Decaverse mocs

the idea was to make AU self-mocs of some cool people.
decaverse is a reference to Kamen Rider Decade, where it went to alternate worlds of previous Riders.
AU basically explains how two+ different versions of a self-moc exists, and excuses any changes.

anyway, enjoy.

Decaverse Mocs

these are all super awesome mocs

but you killed me to build kyoryu




On topic,
These look great!
I would kill to see a Yink go through each moc's respective worlds, like DIKEIDO.

Who would be Kuuga in this case?


These guys all look amazingly cool

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Aw yea these MOCs are super rad

Wait who's Niku?

Edit: IMO I think you should swap the black armor with the red armor on Kyo's arms n'legs.

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probably kyo, he seems the closest personality-wise.

I'll give you a hint, it's Japanese for meat.
also he has a boomerang.

1 that would ruin the color blocking.
2 it's accurate to his actual moc.

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We really need Beefy to set the standard for what his default bionicle appearance is.
Anyways, like I said I love these MOCs. Really happy with how mine looks.

apparently this is it,
I asked him what it should look like and he said mostly white with orange and bulky with an orange huna.

I asked him a few months ago and he said he used the G2 Pohatu mask.

Very nice. I like the red guy the most. smile


My favorites would have to be the Rise MOC and the KyoMOC.

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Whose Vojak?
I'm gonna take a guess and say, Vuhii? IDK, there's a 'V'.

Although I really dig these MOCs, regardless of who they are. smile
I rate 10/10

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You're definitely getting better.

Ny is definitely the best.

And I still definitely hate each and every one of the torsos with the exception of Nyran.

They are literal boxes and good lord it doesn't work.

Still. They're definitely getting better. Keep it up yo

Vojak is @Calvatron


All of those are awesome, especially the red guy. He's my favorite.

And I still definitely don't care. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

why does everyone like the objectively worse moc out of them?
I expected Ny to get the most praise.

tfw @KyoryuYellow1138 is popular.


I like the color red, and when I posted, I didn't go to Imgur. My new favorite is the orange and white guy, Niku.

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Ny is the best because his torso is not only not a box, but he's also just better done in general.

Kyo calls more to my building preferences, and I do kinda like him, although my building preferences have been shifting ever so slightly to a bulkier look, as can be seen on a MOC I'll be posting when I can get a head for it.

AKA Entropy V2, the version people will probably actually like.

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impressive, most impressive

Welll you see

These are AU versions.
So I decided that the g2 Kakama wouldn't work.

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Awesome! love Nyran!

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