Decrepit Titan: Jemoph Maximus

An ancient beast of scrap and power

###Jemoph Maximus

A mysterious being who wanders the wastes of Spherus Magna. Although he appears malformed and like something Karzahni would make, he only recently appeared within the desert areas. His metal seems aged, yet belies a power that can be matched by few. He leaves any other traveler alone, but can be a feral fighter to any beasts or hostiles

For the old timers here, yes I’ve recreated that nightmare of a titan Self MOC. Yes, he looks kinda simple and in some places back, that was my intention; the titan was basically some behemoth with only thin bits of rhyme or reason, so I replicated it here too, though critique is welcome

size comparison

secondary weapon: Axe

also has a chest cannon

and it’s full power mode

critique and comment


This is a big guy and big mess…
I don’t like how that cannon sticks out of him
Nothing special to the axe,doesn’t even look like an axe, what is that brown piece doing there?

I did say he’s essentially a titan made of junk

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Then I understand

For a bit of back story, there were about 10 ish previous versions, each successive one started looking bad as I added more armor and parts and becoming uglier until I scrapped it. Having revived the moc, I thought it fitting to be made from the scraps of its former self


Those feet look look bad. There’s definitely something off about them.

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I need to know before I make an opinion: Does the cannon push out of his chest, or do you have to place it there?


You have to place it there, if you observe, and this is something I don’t like

It has to be placed. You can tell from the back pictures.

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Well, it’s cool in concept then. The torso is great.

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At least the color scheme is consistent

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I like it, I can imagine it staggering through a junk yard. It sort of reminds me of both the iron giant and the nanobot from the 2003 run of TMNT.