Defeat the Symphaverse Chapter I RP Topic

Days before the letters were sent out…

A human researcher and his bio-mechanical friend finish working on a machine. A machine called the “Energy Synthesizer,” made to synthesize energy. The researcher starts writing a letter:

The chaotic, scheming, dangerous being who seems unkillable. He should not be trusted. He always moves towards his goal. Symphony was once dead, before Makuta brought him back.

Symphony gains power through the dead. He can absorb their Unknown Energies. These Unknown Energies are what make him more powerful. They appear in three different colors, based on their alignment. Yellow-white is the alignment of Light, Red is the Alignment of Neutral, Purple-black is the alignment of Dark. All these Unknown Energies appear like glowing strands of string or hair. These energies seem to lie dormant in every being, but none of them seem to be able to access them.

Symphony takes these dormant energies from the dead bodies and add them to his own. He releases the energies from their old bodies. He treats this as their burial service, because the bodies disintegrate from the loss of these energies.

He relishes in the chaos of others, though he believes chaos is not needless destruction but something more terrifying. Symphony has only one goal, true chaos. He will do anything to accomplish his dark goal. He seems to have only two things he will protect, his sister and his sister’s good friend. Symphony has had multiple variations over his life, each one getting stronger. On researcher made the parallel that Symphony is like a sponge. Well, a sponge that is limited by how much water is in it. The researcher remarked that Symphony gained more room for more power as he gains power. This means he’s like a sponge that hold more water as more water is given. He was unable to determine Symphony’s limit, but we know there is an absolute limit. That limit is all the Unknown Energy in the Universe.

We call that hypothetical realm the “Symphaverse,” for it’s terrifying prospect. Imagine a realm that is the chaotic Symphony and nothing else. Beware of Symphony and if you are able to kill him, do it. Kill the fiend.

The researcher puts down his pen. He looks at the mechanical being close to him, “Send this to all beings with the power level of twelve and above! We don’t have enough time!” The biomechanical being nods at the human, he types the message into a machine.

Crack! A shimmering, azure portal opens. The bio-mechanical being pushes a machine through it.

Crack! Crunch! A loud, shattering crack is heard at their door. The human researcher looks at his bionicle friend, “I think its our time…” tears fall from his eyes. The metal room they made their fortress is paper in Symphony’s wake. The building slowly crumbles blocking any escape and cutting off the power. The matoran hold his dear friend. The clangor of crumbling metal engulfs any scream they could produce.
Suddenly the building splits in two and the two beings meet an array of giant ropes of light dangling from the sky. The appeared in three colors yellow-white, red, and the most numerous, purple-black. Symphony is here.

A okotan mask falls to the ground and hovers. It’s Symphony’s mask. The mask hovers closer to the two beings. Its mouth opens, shouting into the broken wasteland, “Where! Is the Energy Synthesizer!

The human researcher laughs, “It’s gone Symphony and everyone knows you’re coming! So! Kill me now! You have-”

A blade of metal shoots from the ground and takes the researcher’s head. The matoran cries aloud before suffering the same end. Symphony is mad. The sky fills with darkness only lit by his unknown energy. His plan is now in action sooner than he planned.

Present Day…

Azure portals open up above their targets, the letters drop down. Geet grabs the letter that drops in front of him and reads it. His eyes fill with anger and he crumples the letter. A golden portal would open before all the targets, after reading the letter.
Geet spits on the ground,
I’m coming for you Symphony!
Geet heads into the golden portal and appears on a plateau. He carries his heavy chain and rests on the edge. The edge crumbles and breaks under the chain weight. A red dragon, shimmering in the sunlight, lands on the plateau. His green eyes rest on Geet,
“Your the first to come. I’m am Antama the Eld. It is good to meet you, brave warrior.”
Geet smiles,
“I’m guessing you’re training us.”
Antama chimes,
“Ever since I became bound to this realm, that has been my purpose. To those who find it worthy there are seven powerful artifacts on this Island, each one has a weirdly specific power and name.”

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Vlad was standing at his desk in his house, trying to customize his Marvel Legends Wasp figure to try to make it better. He had a magnifying glass between his eyes and his hand that was painting the figure. After a few minutes, he put the figure down on a paper and sighed. He stood up.
“Now I just need to take a brake. After this I need to make the head look more like Evangeline Lilly and I’m done!”
He said, for himself. Sometimes he was thinking that he was a weirdo, but he was always deciding to ignore that thought. He left the room and walked to a hallway. He then stopped in front of a door, unlocked it using a small golden key and opened it. He got down on the stairs and ended up in his warehouse. He took a few boxes and put them on the other side of the room, revealing yet another door that was hidden by the boxes. He unlocked it with the exact same key and entered in the room.
The new room was similar to a laboratory. It had white walls, with desks full of metallic pieces and everything. But there was one big and important thing, standing on the desk from the middle of the room: an iron suit, mostly gray, but with some red pieces here and there. It was bulky, and seemed to have some sort of backpack on its back, and a belt. Vlad smiled. He put the key on a desk and prepared himself to put on his suit, after he finished, he raised his right arm. On it there was a small screen with informations about the suit:
Battery: 95% charged
Damage: 80% intact. Suggestion: make the lower legs stronger
Solar panels: not activated.
So on.
He was ready to open a trap door that would lead to a tunnel where he could fly towards the sky, when suddenly an azure portal opened above him. At first, the Steel Guy got scared when he saw the whole in the reality, but then he saw a letter slowly falling from it. He took the letter and read it.
“This seems familiar. It looks like a piece of paper from the Journal 3 from Gravity Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”
Before he could finish his sentence, a golden portal opened under him, making him to fell in it, leaving the letter to slowly fell on the floor.

He woke up in a forest. He stood up and started to look around.
“Where the heck am I?!”
He screamed, a little panicked.

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Geet looks around,
“Do you expect the rest to appear here?”
Antama laughs,
“No but they will appear on this continent. I best be looking for them.”
Antama lifts off the plateau and hovers for a bit, saying,
“Do you need a lift?”
Geet smiles,
“No I’ll be fine as I am, besides I need to get my chain, before anything else.”

The Steel Guy was walking through the forest, slowly approaching the plateau where Geet and Antama were.
“Where would I be? This forest doesn’t seem familiar to me. I wasn’t here before.”
Then he stopped.
“What a genius I am! I’ve never left my state!”

He would probably see a dragon fly up into the air circling the general area.
Geet grabs onto the rock-wall and slowly climbs down it, heading to his chain at the bottom of the plateau. It is sunrise.

Vlad tried to look closely.

Antama reached towards the sky, his back to the sun. He nears the forest, searching for the others, who received a letter.

Vlad saw him and panicked. He quickly took his phone from his belt and started to film Antama.

Antama looks at the ground intently and sees a shimmering of a metal-like object. He falls to the ground, intending to land.
Geet makes it down and grabs his chain, he notices Antama in the distance and runs after him.

Vladin screamed and raised his right arm. The lower arm shifted and turned into some sort of gun.
“I prevent you! Leave me alone!”

Antama laughs,
“I’ve seen mouse bigger than you! I assume you received my friend’s letter and know we don’t have much time left. I tell you this, everything on that letter is true.”
He watches the tiny human with a delighted smile.

Geet continues running, almost wishing his chain wasn’t as heavy.

When he heard that the dragon could talk, Vlad yelled as loud as possible, and then ran away with all of his speed.

Antama watched him run off,
“I have my work cut out for me…Wait human I’m nice to your species. I once had a half-human spawn!”
He yelled at Vlad, staying still. The trees shook due to the loudness of his voice. Birds were flying off in the distance of a few miles.

He yelled while running.

“Well, you gave no reason to believe otherwise!”
Antama kept his voice down, comparable to a human’s yell.

At this point Vlad was already far away. He was still hearing the talking dragon, but his fear already took over his body, especially his legs.

Antama sighs. He lifts off the ground and flies ahead of Vlad, hovering over him,
“Is this your first time seeing a dragon in this multiverse, there’s much, much more terrifying animals out there!”

Geet gave up chasing after Antama and decided to start a campfire. He accidentally made a rather large one…

Vlad keep ignoring it and tried to fly away.
“I need to fly!”
He said, more for himself.

“I would try to teach you, but you don’t have wings like me.”
Antama chuckled.

Vlad quickly pushed a button on his right arm and his backpack and leg thrusters started to act like a jet pack, Vlad flying away with a completely huge speed, while laughing.