Defilak The Gladiator

This is a revamp of my Defilak Toa moc, and takes place in a diffrent reality than the original Bionicle story.
So the sort is that the Piraka have taken over the bionicle world. As payment for each Toa team there is one has to become a gladiator in the arena, and well Defilak got the short end of the stick. He has been refitted with a prohibitor collar, which prevents the use of a mask, and has been outfitted with a shield and Lance as well as dark armor.


I'm sorry, I can only see Nidhiki :stuck_out_tongue:

Good MOC, anyway.


Thanks, I am happy with how it turned out, and I get where your
Coming from.

The idea of the caller on him is good seeing as that is the mask of stealth, just wish it was a bit more apparent but not so much that it sticks out like a sore thumb.(By the way, does any one know where that comes from?)

Nope, I used the collar to explane the back armpit, I could use a diffrent color....

The shield and the spear looks nice
I like the torso too

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Thanks. I like how the weapons ended up, and the torso worked out great.

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This guy is super cool good job


He does kinda look like Nidikhi more than Defilak, but the design is really cool.

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I wish he had the original Defilak mask (which I love),but otherwise this is nice and well built.