Deity of Life/Death, Muerto and the hatchling

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One of the bird-rahi was expecting her egg to hatch any day. Sadly, the egg never hatched...

Muerto was watching the egg for a while and when he found out the offspring had deceased, he decided to help. He would give life back to the offspring with his powers.

A day later the egg hatched, the mother expected a feather pattern like hers but mysteriously the power changed the color.

I suppose I'll start with the hatchling
The baby/chibi form of my bird rahi (because why not)

Muerto, the deity of Life/Death
(I'm aware that muerto means dead in Spanish, and that's pretty much I chose that name)
He has the power to bring the dead to life and also take life away. The only flaw that his powers hold is that he can't create or recreate life (sort of like the Red Star)
Although he's named as a Deity, he's actually a half-deity
Half-deities are not born or created as a god, rather, they are granted immortality and power by a Pure-god. Also Pure-gods are the only ones that can kill or destroy a Half-deity since the only things that live are mortals and demons (but they are mortals too).

But that's not the main topic so let's move on

If your were wondering if Devil and Muerto are siblings, your correct. It's a long story but for another day...

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That hatchling is absolutely adorable!

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The hatching has a very creative design, and Puerto makes good use of CCBS parts.

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