Dekagamer7X9's Self-MOC

After a long time of my Self-MOC being stuck in what could be considered “Development Hell” (And getting destroyed once by an angry sister of mine),
I finally got around to completing it. It wields my favorite mask, the Avhokki, and has what is arguably the best build out of any of my MOCs.


Its a great MOC with an interesting build, but I think that the red feet just don’t fit with the rest of the colour scheme.


tough luck with that history

now then…Uh…

*Weird Neck(Seriously what’s up with his nect and those spikes)
*dat torso
*Funny hands
*Even funnier legs
*the Color

If you need help just ask… but expect harsher from the others. Just my opinion though.

… what is it seriously. It reminds me of a lizard

Oh boy TWO avohkii clone Self-MOCs in one day

Also, the legs may not look great but the design is very unique


why is the avohkii so bad? and don’t say “because it’s overused” I’m tired of that excuse, my only problem stems from the neck, otherwise, pretty unique


I wasn’t saying it’s bad, I’m just noting it

Cons: weird neck, weird spikes on the back of his head (might look weird cuz of the neck) , and the feet.

Pros: Shredder claws! Fairly unique build, and dedication after being brutally murdered by your sister.

the legs are actually my favourite part, the arms and torso are a little off though, and the neck is slightly horrendous, but i have absoloutly no problem with the avohkii. The hands are strange too, but this is actually pretty unique, and i like the feet.

because it’s a semi-legendary mask
it’s an elemental mask(rare)
because people hate the character attached to it
because it’s really not that great a design, the titan version is better
because it’s overused

I’m not sure what to make of this, it looks a bit like vezon exploded and fused with skull basher.
but it’s not horrible.
the color discrepancy is my biggest complaint.
that and the neck tumors spikes.

Holy color scheme batman…
Also, those legs have no articulation, and I haven’t heard anything about that yet, so…
That’s all I want to say.

they’re backward/chicken legs?

I didn’t even notice that, yeah, that’s a minus.

If the Avhokii is your favorite mask then you could keep it… as long as you tone down the black and silver and improve upon his more unique elements. The last thing anyone needs is another bland, black-and-silver Avohkii selfMOC. What you could do is replace some of the black and silver with more dark red and gold, with silver relegated to his mask and weapons. Speaking of the weapons, I don’t think that the sword and claw go well like that… removing the sword seems like the best option. Also, Metru torsos don’t really lend themselves to feet unless you’re purposely looking for a bovine motif with the horns and whatnot.

TL;DR: Rework this guy and revamp his color scheme so that it isn’t cliche.

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