Dekar and Defilak Mahri Revamps

The Mahritoran design is tied with the 2001 MNOG design for my favorite Matoran appearance. Also, Dekar got screwed in the story and should have been a Toa and Defilak is cool too, which is why I chose them.


Sick designs, true to the original but a few steps up

Preach, I’m still waiting for Dekar to get his memories back and live his own life


ah i love it


Thanks! Yeah the Ignika wanted a “protector,” but instead of turning the already experienced Po-Matoran hunter into a Toa, it turned him into… another guy. Hydraxon definitely is capable for sure, but did the mask have to do Dekar like that?


I remember once, thirteen years ago or so, someone pointed out that Greg said the Ignika only affects things within their evolutionary course. They asked Greg: if this is true, how did the Ignika turn Dekar into a totally different species? And Greg more or less said “it’s interesting to think about, isn’t it?”

As far as I recall, this was never followed up on, and I cannot find the quote to save myself. But it suggested, for a second, that Hydraxon’s species is an evolutionary offshoot of the Matoran race. I was hoping that would be expanded upon… Then no more Bionicle. Oh well. I’ll never know.

I think the truth is, the Ignika is just insanely powerful and can do pretty much anything, and the ‘evolutionary course’ bit was a forgetcon to begin with, but Greg was right: it is interesting to think about


Dekar was already affected by the Pit mutagen. The Ignika may have enhanced its effect, accelerating a process that would create a being nearly identical to Hydraxon.