Dekar Revamp and his Merry Midget

After I made my Eljay MOC, I saw how cool the design was, so I made another Matoran with a similar design, and it's a Dekar revamp! I also threw in a Merry Midget for some reason.

Here they are, standing side by side.

First up, we have Dekar. Like I said earlier, I created this revamp to make something that uses Eljay's design, and I'm quite fond of the results.

Side view.

Back view.

Now we're on to the Merry Midget. It's extremely simple, but it's supposed to be. It has 2 Hero Factory blades to defend itself from people who make fun of its size and color scheme.

Side view #1.

Side view #2.

Back view.
What do you guys think?


Color scheme? You mean lack of color scheme amirite? /s

Liking the Dekar, very simple and yet not an eyesore. The merry midget tho...

*/s is the denotation for sarcasm


Potao's influence is growing stronk.

But yeah, Dekar's simple, but pretty good.

I love Dekar he's pretty swaggin'.

my merry midget is better..
nice job on the merry midget
and love the dekar revamp

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Dekar has so much SWAG, and that midget is just sooo adoreable :3


Dakar revamp: wow! This looks cool!
Merry Midget: HE'S BEAUTIFUL!!! 10/10! Wait... Is that a Hau Nuva? 9/10 s/