Deleo: The Laser Breathing Lizard

So a while back I made a MOC that I think was called “Mutated Shadow Toa” or something like that. Anyways, when I was building that character my original intent was to make a large creature that was somewhat tall.

I completely failed at achieving that.

So I shredded him to bits and started from scratch and ended up with this MOC that is reminiscent of a Xenomorph or a Rancor:

(Sorry if the color seems inconsistent, I took these pictures on my phone and had to use some filters to get a clear shot.)

Size Comparison:

Action Poses:

Any and all criticism and critique is welcome.


well that’s horrific. Good Job!

(In the scary kind of way, Not the quality kind)

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That kinda looks like Venom…


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It looks like venom crossed with the regenerator from dead space.

I like it.

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That thing looks vicious. :thumbsup:

But I must ask, how exactly does one breath laser? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks kind of like a Pacific Rim kaiju with the smaller second set of arms and all. I really like the head.

I like it. I like it alot.

I love it. And the head is amazing

A bit blocky, but hey, it looks like Venom.
I like it.

Pretty interesting, I like the head design.

OKAY THIS is sick

Nice use of a minifig chair!

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