Demon Hunter

Love them or hate them they need a topic. say what you want. and with out further ado the DEMON HUNTER TOPIC is open

are they a band? or what?

They're a band sorry I should have noted that.

nah its kool

I like Demon Hunter. Saw them live once at SonShine Music Festival!

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I feel the need to talk about the song Not I.

first off It is one of Demon hunters most popular songs. I have found however that many people do not like the intro to that song witch is called The Flame That Guides Us Home. TFTGUH is sung by a chorus rather then the Demon Hunter vocalist Ryan Clark. I personally like the intro it seriously adds to the effect.

I have yet to find a YouTube version of the two separated but on virtually every other website they are sepparate with Not I being the 5 times more popular one.
edit: TFTGUH is about 30 seonds long so please wait it out.