Demorack The Inprisoned

(Ok serious question. Should I or should I not use this moc in my latest stop motion series)

I need to fit those noodle arms. This moc totally wasn’t inspired by a MainiaMac moc. Totally not a revamp of an older moc


You said it yourself

Otherwise it seems way too big for it’s own good


I was going for height first, looks later

This moc definitely has it’s flaws, but you do pul off a few interesting building techniques, and a fairly consistent color scheme for a moc of such a large size.


Feet and shoulders could use some work, other then that this is a great moc!

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@Toa_Radrix it does fall a lot

And that is the problem at a giant tall MOC, that is why I don’t feel so good for it

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Most of the time I was working on the feet. And legs

Pretty cool. The size is a bit ambitious, but I think its well done.

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Yeah… unless someone wants me to develop his character and put him in my new series, I’ll scrap bum for parts

Actually it may have inspired me for an antagonist I need for a story of my own I’ve been working on. I mean, I know it doesn’t apply to this directly. Just thought it would be worth mentioning.

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Interesting! Well, I would like to see where that goes

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