Denker Toa of Earth self moc

PLEASE NOTE: I have a much smaller collection of parts than many here. This is not the final product but my first draft of a log term peoject.My first go, planning to add a cloak when I get the pieces. He is a Toa of earth with protosteel claws and massive broadsword. On his back he has a lighting rifle. He is an engineer and inventor making his weapons and armor.


Does he have a name? Anyways, he looks a lot like Nuparu, however he does have his own charm to him. The broadsword is really cool, too.


Thanks I actually meant him to look like nuapru since he is my favorite and I really like his personality and feels that it machetes with mine, and no I do not have experians naming Toa, want to help?

I’m terrible at naming, sorry.

Nice timing with the lit-up sword picture. Why the white, yellow, and tan on his sword though?


Thanks anyway how do you say thinker in matoran? The sword coloring is the colors that I have. Do not have a different color of the tan. And the white was from my matoran sword I used in the process.

You use BioSector01

Got his name! It is Denker.

what’s an engender


those upper arms are a little bulky for my liking.

Honestly I have grown to like the bulky shoulder armor since it makes Denker look more rounded.

It doesn’t look bad, but it’s basically Nuparu. Toa of Earth, inventor, gun on his shoulder, claws, same mask. That’s Nuparu.

I’d suggest making him way more unique.

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Yeah Pakari has a good point, Its just a Nuparu with more stuff on him.

As I have previously stated I am not as fortunate to have a vast collection of pieces as many here do. This explained and it is not an excuses as I have more planed for Denker. I am expanding and the image will change, but please, and this is not just you, get of my back about it, I have gotten called lazy, saying I have put zero effort into this, and multiple people tells me the same thing. It is not due to lack of effort but rather pieces. Again as to not confuse anyone this is not the final product.

That is not my intent. I mean no insult when saying this.
I am not calling you lazy or that you put zero effort into this, all I am doing is pointing out something that can be improved upon in later upgrades since [quote=“Sealman133, post:18, topic:33304”]
this is not the final product.

I have been working some after finishing Okua, changing his swords and back weapon to two skyblasters. The swords and mask are place holders but depending on how the skyblasters look as I keep tinkering will determine if they stay pleas leave some helpful tips thanks!


Now that is looking better!

I like it, but it’s a bit too simple, and it looks a lot like Nuparu Inika, what with the claws and light up “sword”* and all. Still a good start though.

*It’s a gun lego. Just admit it.

Muuuuuuuuch better. If there was a flaw with the original, it was to Nuparu resemblance. The mask stands out a little, some Metru Red would help it.