Dentistry and Teeth

Anything about teeth or dentists


My Dad is a dentist. Which means he’s an expert in human torture.


I brushed my teeth last night


Every visit they told me that I should floss more

I never did

Last visit they did an X-ray and revealed that if I didn’t floss, the roots of my teeth would degrade, causing me to lose teeth earlier then I should. My roots are already severely degraded

So yeah now I floss every other day :stuck_out_tongue:


I hate going to the dentist at 2:30



I read the title and though it said “Destiny and teeth”


Yeah, I hate going to the dentist, even though I go to a really good/nice one. It just sucks to deal with teeth issues…
And it usually leaves your mouth sore for days…


I have braces.
My friend got braces recently.
They aren’t fun.
But I don’t mind the whole dentist thing.


I should have braces by now but my parents can’t afford it.

Once I get into college my mouth is gonna be a world of pain due of my overbite.


I used to have braces, but I got them off a year or two ago

Retainer master race


I hate my braces. I always get food stuck in them, so in the middle of lunch at school, I spend like 5-10 minutes picking it out. :persevere:
Also, no matter how much I brush, my teeth remain as yellow as my icon.
Edit: I’ve changed my icon sense

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Me too. But my teeth are too fragile.


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I’d never had any problems with the dentist up until this year; upon switching from pediatric to professional dentistry. I had to have more than a few fillings, including a couple to compensate for chipped molars.

It was horrid.

For the first time in my life, I’ve actually had dentist related nightmares.


I have braces.
Myeah that’s it.
I should get them off sometime next year.
I’ve got so used to them
it’ll be weird not having any.


I also have braces

I had them put on last September

kinda sucks
especially when this stupid screw thing is digging into my gums and it hurts whenever i move my jaw


Never had braces, even though I sucked my thumb for years as a little kid.
I lost my first tooth in preschool in an accident involving another kid’s head, my face, and a bouncy castle. I lost one my front teeth, and it had a long root and a lot of blood. Somehow, I still don’t need braces, despite that incident. My only gap in my teeth is more to the side.

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Yes, I have teeth

So I suppose this topic applies to me =p

In all seriousness though, I had braces for like a year and a half (December 2014-June 2015), but other than that, my dental record has pretty clean.

Like, I’ve had no cavities or any other problems with my teeth and I’ve only had one tooth removed


I think had to have 2 teeth on the upper front right side of my mouth removed when I was like 10 or something, because they were loose and would not come out

I have glow-in-the-dark retainers.

They’re the best things ever.


Seriously??!! I need to see a picture of this

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