Just thought I’d let everyone know the time has finally come to take my long term yet still temporary leave from Pandemic Panda and The Three Virtues. It’s been fun being here since the start of it all even if I wasn’t directly involved at first with the group. If you’d like to say things to me while I’m away just pass it through someone like Mesonak.

There’ll be a video on this but just for fun, I’d like to clarify the timeline of how I encountered everyone.

-I spoke to Venom in a Linkin Park topic on BZP

-I join a fad on BZP about being Vahki and eventually I take control of said fad, with people like Mesonak and Kini following me.
-A guy named Sir Thomas shows me another message board that links me to a chat called BZPC.
-I meet Venom once again, and in fact find out he runs the BZPC, and Eljay turns out to be a moderator there.
-I stay on the chat and more people join the chatroom, like Mesonak, Kini and Varderan
-Eventually I get invited to guest star on iBZP which was an unreleased disaster.
-Starred in TTV’s (now hidden) Halo Machinima alongside Meso, Eljay Var and Venom, which ending up solidifying my spot in TTV as at least an honorary member.

I know I was never in the limelight of TTV and never will be, but it was great working with people who have great potential to make the channel greater and have already done that. Perhaps I’m leaving at a time where we’re rapidly getting popular, but I already feel like I’ve been able to enjoy that sort of thing since the start of last summer (2013) when we already thought we were getting so successful with just 3,000 subscribers. It was already also a big achievement for me to have moved up from once being a guy who was just recording TTV episodes for Meso (without speaking a bit on the episode) to getting my own series on the channel where I did perhaps one of the most bizarre things for the BIONICLE community. Thanks for bearing with me, everyone.

And by the way, just to make it clear how much of the podcast I was on, I’ve been in the following episodes:

38, 39
42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 48, 49
51, 53, 56, 57
60, 62, 64, 66, 67, 68
71, 75, 78
81, 82, 86
90, 97
100, 101, 109
113, 115, 116

And most of the newscasts.

Anyways, that’s all for a long time, farewell all! You’re all awesome. :smiley:



Farewell. I know I’ve never spoken to you directly, but I consider you a friend, as I do all the TTV members. I shall miss your insight into online games, and I shall be awaiting your return


I will miss you guy
I will miss you

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May the cosmic winds carry you to glory. -Matt


Invictus was the dude that was pretty awesome on TTV. We will wait patiently for your return.

We will miss you - Me and the person in my pocket

One last thing though, I’ve got a flight in five hours and I’m working on finishing up one last Analysis : O


still feels sad that you are leaving
I truely wonder what will happen in those two years
I really do


You will be missed, Tenebrae Invictus. May the next chapter of your life unfold with glorious triumphs and fruitful efforts.

“Hold, or cut bowstrings.”


Good luck, and remember; violence is the solution to everything.


It’s the solution on how to cause every kind of problems, for sure.


ice 2014
thanks btw now I have 100000 detentions

I look forward to the final analysis, and I will be sad to see you go, source of many laughs.

But yeah, I hope your times during your departure go well for you and those you’ll be helping


We shall treasure this analysis

I hope you have an amazing time away from TTV and to your safe return in the future. “Stay golden, Ponyboy”


I’ll miss you very much, Mange. You’re one of my greatest friends and we’e had quite a lot of good times. I hope your travels go very well and I’m thankful we’ll be able to keep in contact.

Farewell. There’ll always be a spot open for you when you return. ;___;



I’m relatively new to TTV, and so I don’t know you as well as the others do. But now I’ve begun to look back on your stuff, and I’m really sad to see you go. You are, just like Meso or Eljay, an integral part of TTV even if your presence isn’t quite as large.

So seeing as how I still have a lot of Invictus Analysis to catch up on, I’m going to go do that now. Thanks for being a part of TTV!


May you succeed in your efforts to spread Tumaism to Arizona!


@Awesomenessborn Don’t you mean “Not all that glitters is gold?” : ^ ]

Just kidding.

Thank you, although regarding what religion is to be spread… ah nevermind.